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7 spooky Halloween face masks on sale this weekend

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Display your Halloween spirit while staying healthy.
Display your Halloween spirit while staying healthy.
Image: Pexels

Get spooky and stay safe this season with a Halloween face mask. Like, the protective kind, but you can wear it for Halloween, too. Get it?

Note: These are not medical masks, so they will not protect as well as N95 masks or other medical-grade options (which should be reserved for healthcare professionals in most cases, according to the CDC). Masks like the ones below will still do some work to prevent the spread of COVID-19, though, so they’re an absolute must in public.

Here are seven great options on sale as of Oct. 17.

This cotton and polyester blend mask is sure to, you know, scare random children on the street. It’s normally on sale for $24, but you can snag one for 40% off — just $14.99.

Half of your makeup is already done when you slip on this Joker face mask. Simply add some white face paint, black eye makeup, and you’re ready to go. It’s also machine washable. Get one now for just $14.99.

You can get an assorted six-pack of these fun Halloween designs for 23% off — just $22.99

This scary clown mask is downright terrifying. Get one now for just $14.99.

Want to look like the Joker? This mask does precisely half the work. Grab two for 25% off at just $14.99.

Somebody stop me! … from having the best Halloween costume on the block. Get one for 40% off and pay just $14.99.

This cotton and polyester blend mask with ear loops will help keep you safe, scary, and maybe even a little warm on a chilly Halloween night. This one normally goes for $24, but you can snag one now for a limited time for just $14.99


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