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Facebook’s AR Ray-Bans Are a Stylish but Horrible Idea

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We learned two things about Facebook today. First, it’s working on

A luxury-first launch model always fails. The Apple Watch only got compelling when it was clear that it was saving lives and Apple doubled down on that, offering heartwarming stories of people who survived heart attacks because they strapped on a 40-mm hunk of silicon. They definitely don’t lead with the Hermes partnership anymore.

All of this amounts to a simple thought: It’s great that Facebook is experimenting with AR devices, but I doubt it’s the company we’ll buy our first AR glasses from. There are plenty of business uses for AR, and I could definitely see the value of having a sheet of high-density information piped right into my eyeballs. But we will need something that really works, not a pair of Wayfarers connected to my loony uncle who keeps sharing camouflaged Qanon posts.

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