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Stephen Colbert’s election website shows you how to vote state-by-state

Stephen Colbert and 'The Late Show' have launched their own voter information website with state-specific videos.
Stephen Colbert and ‘The Late Show’ have launched their own voter information website with state-specific videos.

This year’s U.S. presidential election in November is going to be a colossal one, and more than anything, Stephen Colbert just really wants you to vote. 

But with the rules slightly varying state-by-state, it can be confusing to know exactly how to do it. 

So, in the lead-up to Election Day on Nov. 3, the CBS host and his Late Show team have launched a website and video series called “Better Know a Ballot,” with easy-to-follow voter information for each state. All you have to do is click on your state for details explaining how to register to vote, request an absentee ballot, or how to vote in person.

“I wanted to make things easier for anyone who should be voting, which is everyone,” said Colbert on Tuesday, launching the project on his show. The Late Show host will also be posting an individual video for every state explaining how to vote early, easily, and safely.

There are eight videos up already for the states who will receive their ballots the soonest, including Arkansas and Minnesota, but The Late Show team will be adding to the website over the next few days, so if you don’t see information for your state straight away, sit tight. 

Click on your state for easy-to-follow info on voting.

Click on your state for easy-to-follow info on voting.

“Folks, we’re just 49 days from the election and I don’t have to tell you that this is in an important one. THIS IS AN IMPORTANT ONE,” he said on Tuesday’s Late Show

“And it’s not just important to vote, it’s important to have a plan for how you’re going to vote because COVID will make this election unlike anything before it. And if that wasn’t enough, the rules regarding how to vote vary drastically from state to state.”

Here’s the segment explaining the project:

Colbert isn’t the only late night show host urging Americans to vote, with Trevor Noah and The Daily Show hiding a PSA to register to vote inside a full-page legal ad in the New York Times, which was primarily meant to troll the president.

With only weeks remaining before Election Day, we’re sure to see the late night shows really ramp things up.


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