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The tCentric Hybrid Office Chair Is Pricey, Comfy, and Built Like a Tank


Photo: Ergocentric

Some people swear by the

That’s to be expected. The makers of the tCentric, a company called ergoCentric, has been making chairs for industrial environments since 1990 and this is the latest in a long line of seats designed to withstand apocalyptic conditions. Given that we’re all sitting at home these days, something like the tCentric is well worth checking out.


The question, then, is whether this is worth the high price tag. ErgoCentric chairs are completely customizable, from the back to the wheels, and you can choose different configurations for different prices. The chairs come fully assembled and ready to ride, so you won’t have to attach the base to the seat or snap in the wheels. Finally, once you have it set up correctly, you’ll find it’s very comfortable. You can bulk order them for your nonexistent office or simply email the company for a quote. The tCentric starts at $900, which is definitely more than I would have dropped on a chair before trying this thing out myself. Now, since we’re spending hours in these things while doomscrolling and imagining how nice it would be to go to an office happy hour again, I can see the draw.

As a sufferer of sciatica (among other things), the tCentric is a solid improvement over anything else I’ve sat in for the past few years. Because the seat is so solid and the actual size is so large, you definitely feel more cradled in this chair than a standard office chair. From afar, this looks like a captain’s chair on Star Trek rather than a puny desk chair. Obviously I’m assuming you have room for something as big as this, but ergoCentric does also offers home-office specific stuff if your nook is too tiny.

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