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India’s drone ‘prodigy’ reportedly passed off foreign drones as his own

One of India’s popular drone makers, Prathap NM, has been found to pass off drones made by German and Japanese companies as his own.

Last week, fact-checking site Alt News’ Pooja Chaudhari wrote a detailed post debunking Prathap’s claims about his self-made drones and awards.

Last year, Indiatimes published an article saying that Prathap, a 22-year-old independent tinkererhas built over 600 drones from scratch, reclaiming parts from e-waste. The science grad reportedly started building drones since he was 16.

The report also claims that Prathap won the Albert Einstein Innovation Gold Medal at CEBIT expo held in Hannover Germany in 2018. However, there’s no such award at the CEBIT summit. 

In a recent interview with Btv News Kannada, Prathap showed a photo featuring himself and a drone he claimed to have built.

. However, a statement from German drone maker BillzEye suggests that the owner of the company, Bill Gutbier, let him take a photo with the drone at the expo.

Credit: Billzeye.de




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